The Eric Mitchell Story

Eric Mitchell was an ordinary Arkansas resident before experiencing a series of strange events that would change his life for ever.

The result of Eric’s unworldly experiences and transformations have recently gained the attention of a Harvard University study. The study intends to document the mental and physical anomalies experiencers display that defy traditional science & physics.

The goal of this documentary is to document Eric’s story in its entirety. We aim to answer these questions: Who is Eric Mitchell? What strange things have happened to him? Who or what is behind his experiences? We also aim to reach other people that have experienced similar events in their life, and bring light to the reality that we are not alone.

Why Eric’s story is important.

Eric’s experiences have changed the lives of not only himself but the people around him. Because of this change he has dedicated much of his free time to counseling others about their experiences with Extraterrestrial contact.

When will it be finished?

Spring 2022 | Stay tuned for a premier date.

Experiencer: The Eric Mitchell Story


Thank you to everyone who has donated to this project thus far. It has been one heck of a year! We’re happy to announce that we are in the editing stage of the film and are making progress every week.

If you’re just hearing about the project and would like to donate directly to Eric Mitchell for his daily work with experiencers please click this link: Donate

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us with this amazing project:

Appearing in the film ———

Eric Mitchell

Christi Pitts

Melinda Leslie

Lorien Fenton

Jocelyn Buckner

Jim Goodall


Jonah C.

Jory S.

Lawrence F.

Joshua C.

William T.

Amanda J.

John M.

Philip K.