UPDATE: New release date Winter 2022

Experiencer - The Eric Mitchell Story

A documentary about alien abduction, missing time, consciousness, UFOs or UAPs, secret government programs and more.

About The Documentary

An “Experiencer” is a person who has been changed by their experience of witnessing something that cannot be explained. They have two choices, run from the truth or face their new journey…

The goal of this documentary is to describe the affects of contact with intelligent life not yet understood by the general public, the physical and mental trauma of the experience and what happens after.

This documentary focuses on the story of Eric Mitchell and his experiences of missing time, abduction and the encounters with his family and a secret government program. 

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Directed by Nicco Renna
Produced by Ben Jinkins & Joe Strelsky
Edited by Sam Lingle

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this project thus far. It has been an amazing journey. We’re happy to announce that we are in the editing stage of the film and are making progress every week.

This project is entirely funded and produced by the small group of people listed above, and from the support of listeners of the UFO Garage Podcast.

If you would like to donate & support directly to Eric Mitchell for his daily work with experiencers please click this link: Donate

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us with this project:

Jocelyn Buckner

Melinda Leslie

Lorien Fenton

Jim Goodall

Erin Montgomery

Mike Walker

Jonah C.

Jory S.

Lawrence F.

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